Children at Ripples

Children at Ripples

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Keep Watch & Arms Reach Policy    Pool Age Guidelines    Gym Age Guidelines

Keep Watch & Arms Reach Policy

With lack of direct supervision by a parent or carer believed to be a contributing factor in 70% of all drowning deaths at public pools, Royal Life Saving Australia’s Keep Watch program aims to eliminate all drowning deaths and reduce the number of near drowning incidents at these facilities.

Lifeguards are present as a last line of defence to help if something goes wrong, not to supervise children.

Arms Reach U5s   Arms Reach 2   Arms Reach 3

0-5 Year Olds
& Non-Swimmers

Stay within
arms' reach


6-10 Year Olds
& Weak Swimmers

Be close, be prepared & maintain constant visual contact


11-14 Year Olds

visual contact

 There are four key components of water safety;

  • Be Prepared: Ensure you have everything you need before getting into the water, such as towels and dry clothes.
  • Be Close: Always be within arms' reach of your child.
  • All of Your Attention: Focus all of your attention on your child and get into the pool and talk and play with them.
  • All of the Time: You should never leave your child alone in the water, nor should they be left in the care of an older child or with the assumption that your responsibility diminishes due to the presence of lifeguards.

Pool Age Guidelines

Children 14 years or younger

Must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years or older.
Must follow the Keep Watch & Arms Reach Policies.

Children 15 years
or older

Permitted access without an adult.
Identification may be requested to show proof of age.

Cannot be responsible for other children under the age of 15, including siblings.


Gym Age Guidelines

Children under 12  Unable to participate in Group Fitness classes or the Gym
12 or 13 years Welcome in Group Fitness Classes* and the Gym for Caridio-only exercise with a participating parent or guardian, or during a supervised gym program prescribed by a Ripples trainer.
14 or 15 years Welcome in Group Fitness Classes* and the Gym unsupervised for Caridio-only exercise, or during a gym program prescribed by a Ripples trainer. 
16 years or older Permitted full access to the gym and group fitness, subject to conditions of entry.

* BodyPump class only available for Children aged 16 years or older.
Identification may be requested to show proof of age.